Storm Robotics

Storm Robotics is a FRC Robotics team (learn more) that aims to give students without FRC teams in their schools a chance at the highest level of competitive robotics.

  • Mechanical - Students learn how to design and implement complex designs and assemblies, including cascading elevators, telescoping climbers, and swerve drivetrains. Students learn the fundemental engineering concepts that drive thes creation of these mechanisms and other projects.
  • Programming - Students learn how to implement java-based, python-based, and even C-based systems to drive the robot and operate its components. Additionally, students learn how to design and create other programming projects, such as this website.
  • Electrical - Students learn how to design electrical systems, solder various connections, and implement various devices.

At Storm Robotics, we provide an educational environment that develops leadership skills, promotes innovation and creativity, and enhances both technical and nontechnical skills. We provide all the necessary tools and methods to improve skills such as design, assembly, and programming, as well as business, marketing, communication, and leadership. We promote S.T.E.A.M. growth in order to help students prepare for future careers with advantageous skills.

Coming back from our enriching experience at the FIRST World Championships, Storm Robotics has had the opportunity to reflect on our place in our community and our role in spreading STEM to the young students around us. As a result, we have unanimously concluded that we must seek to expand our operations to become a stable foundation and a catalyst for robotics education in Alpharetta and Milton. Learn more about how you can support below:

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Columbus District Event, Columbus State University, 2022

In our first competition in our young life, we learned the importance of a strong drivetrain, stable design, and good build quality.

  • District Event Finalists
  • Rookie Inspiration Award

We entered competition with a completely untested robot. Fortunately, our robot featured a 6 motor drive train with a high gearbox redcution that enabled us to play very effective defense. After some minor issues with our drivetrain's chain towards the end of the qualification rounds, we were the second pick of the second-seeded alliance, with IHOT robotics and the RoboLions. With help from our amazing aliance partners, we got our robot sturdy and working and went all the way to the finals! We left competition with a lot of experience and the Rookie Inspiration Award.

Carollton District Event, University of West Georgia, 2022

At Carrollton, we learned the value of mentorship, never giving up, and perseverance.

  • District Event Winner
  • Rookie All-Star Award

After completely restructuring our robot, swapping chain for belts, and adding a passive climber system, we were in a good position heading to our second district event. Qualification started our rough, where our climber was ripped from our robot. Although we did not have the climber for the rest of the competition, we were able to play solid defense and even scored a few balls. Towards the end of the qualification rounds, we had some issues with slippage, but the true nature of the issue would only reveal itself after alliance selections. We were drafted into the top seed alliance with Team 1771 and fellow rookies, The Mechanisms. During the lunch break, we discovered that our agressive defense resulted in the teeth from a belt in our drivetrain being completely stripped. With enourmous help from our absolutely amazing alliance partners, we were able to get ourselves fixed for the final rounds, where 1771's stellar offensive capabilities and the mechanisms awe-inspiring shooting consistency coupled with our defensive capabiltiies led to a win!

Peachtree District Championships (State Championships), Mercer University, 2022

The Peachtree District Championships taught us the importance of good build quality once again, and revealed to us the true meaning of FIRST robotics.

  • Rookie All Star Award (World Championship Bid)

After realizing the pitfalls our our current robot design, we decided to completely rebuild our robot. The first addition we made was a swerve drive train, which allows robots ot travel in any direction and at any yaw. Additionally, we ensured our robot was as sturdy as possible. However, the swerve modules came one day before the start of competiton. As a result, we had no choice but to complete our robot at competition. We were looking forward to finishing before the end of qualification, however, issues with the relative encoder built into the motor and the lack of available absolute encoders meant we could unfortunately not finish in time for match play. Even though we ultimately failed, we learned the true meaning of FIRST robotics is not to win or compete, but to learn, never give up, and making a platform for students like us to learn. Just as all hope seemed lost, we were chosen for the Rookie All-Star Award for our robust community outreach and importance, which gave us our bid to worlds.

World Championships, Houston, 2022

At worlds we had fun!

  • Rookie Inspiration Award

After securing over 15,000 dollars in corporate sponsorship, a further 18,000 in dues, and 5,000 in community donations, we were on our way to Houston. This was one of the first competitions where we were able to adequately test, and it showed. We competed with some of the best teams from all around the world, and played incredible defense throuhgout the event. After a informative 12 qualification matches, we received the Rookie Inspitration Award which recognizes a team for its strong mission that aligns with FIRST's mission, passion for robotics, and strong team partnership.

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As a completely student-led team, high-schoolers manage team logistics, team finances, and building, designing, and programming the robot itself! We apprieciate any help at all! Learn how you can support Storm Robotics by clikcing the button to the right.


Our Components

Community Service

Storm Robotics prides itself on being able to effectively serve its community through various service projects. Learn More


At Storm Robotics, we run various programs to help young students in our community learn the basics of programming. Our members learn industry standards such as python based machine learning application and java fundementals. Learn More


We prepare students for the real world by instilling them with real-world, industry standard skills that they will carry with them to different aspects of their life. Learn More

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad team under the Storm Robotics Umbrella. As part of our Equity and Inclusion Initiative, we have facillitated the creation of an over 68% female science olympiad team! Learn More

FLL Team 1 - Harmony Youth Center Robotics Blue

One of the FLL under the Storm Robotics Umbrella. This team is primarily for grades K-6, but under special requests grades 7-8 may be allowed to join. Learn More

FLL Team 2 - Harmony Youth Center Robotics White

Essentially a carbon copy of the other team, this team follows the same guidelines and structure. Both teams will work in tandem to ensure a informative, and meanigful experience for all our members. Learn More


What we've done

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Storm Robotics x Food for Lives

Service Project

Worlds Pit

Houston - World Championships

Storm Robotics x Food for Lives

Service Project

Members Working On Robot

State Competition

Robot in Action during worlds qualification match

Houston - World Championships

Storm Robotics x Periods for the People

Service Project

Climbing Testing

Houston - World Championships

Swerve Module

Robot Components

More Action

Houston - World Championships

Worlds Action

Houston - World Championships



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can join by clicking here and filling out a short form!

  • It is suggested that K-6 join FLL, 7-9 join FTC, and 9*-12 join FRC. However, if you know you wil be busy during FRC season (Jan-April) and cannot consistenyl come to meetings, you should apply for the FTC team.

    * 9th graders may apply for FRC if given prior approval

  • Of course! FIRST is #morethanrobots, and we have many different positions catering to specific skills, such as business and marleting. We are more than happy to welcome you onto our team and teach you everythng we know!

  • FIRST is the overarching orgnaziation behind FLL, FTC, and FRC. For more information, click here.

  • Storm Robotics, under its parent organziation - The Georgia Robotics Alliance (EIN: 20-5604200), qualifies as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible! For more information, contact us!

  • No, Storm Robotics is a community-based team. However, we do have members from many different schools in our area!


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